Testimonial from Mel and Dr. Ethel Lindauer Oroville, Wa

Geothermal Florida Heat Pump Installation

Our heat pump was installed by Phil Barker of THERMAL AIR during the summer of 2002 & it has certainly improved our lives!

1) Comfort: Even & constant heat & cooling throughout the house. Prior to Phil’s installing our heat pump system [Florida Heat Pump, model FHP-GT-036 Water to Air Heat Pump], we had a small air-conditioner in the living room & it worked well, but it was noisy &, when turned on, it took quite awhile to cool off the entire room. Now we set the indoor temperature as we choose & the heat pump keeps it at that temperature year round.

2) Both of us had stuffy noses when we awoke in the morning for years & that has been almost entirely eliminated due to the electronic air cleaner that Phil installed. This is also a boon to our visitors with sinus problems & allergies!

3) Quiet! Phil is super at installing quiet heating & cooling systems!!!!! You really have to pay attention to detect whether or not the system is running. If you have ever stayed overnight in someone else’ home or even a nice motel, you will really appreciate this as most heating & cooling systems are noisy!!!!!

4) House inspection: Prior to installing the system, Phil inspected our home to make certain that the insulation was as good as possible. This meant that once the system was in place & operational, it would function well & without problems--& it still is 5 years later. He also inspected the foundation of the house & let us know about any potential problems in that area.

5) Heating & cooling for less money than the cost of heating! Once the system was installed we had both heating & cooling year-round & for less money than the heating bill ever was with electricity & wood & so much cleaner!

6) Cleaner home: Anyone who cleans house will appreciate the reduced amount of dusting once the system is installed! It took about two months to really appreciate the reduction in dust on windowsills & shelves. Of course, with a husband who is always building something, we still have some dust (often sawdust!) in the house, but the reduction is substantial & really improves life for those of us with sinus &/or allergy problems! Another plus to this system is that the house never smells stale—or like yesterday’s dinner!!!!! The electronic air cleaner takes care of these problems.

OK, you are probably wondering what maintenance the system requires once it is installed & running. Well, once a month I clean the electrodes as Phil instructed & Mel changes the intake filters every three months.

Cleaning the electrodes is a simple process & requires removing them, spraying them with 409 or Simple Green, letting them stand (over a sink to drain) & then rinsing them off with water. Then I put them on a couple of old bath towels on top of the washing machine to air-dry—which usually takes about an hour. If you perform these two tasks regularly, the system works great!

If you decide to install this system you do have to have a well to make the heat pump work. The water from the well runs through the system & then goes right back into the water table via a drywell (ours is under a flower bed!). The water is simply “borrowed” for a short time during the cycle.

If you are thinking about putting in this system we would highly recommend you talk to Phil Barker about it. The initial expense is more than many home heating-cooling systems, BUT once the system is in place it doesn’t take many years to recover the initial expense & we know at least one family that had a heat pump put in over 40 years ago& it is still working fine. The new systems are much improved from the old ones, & savings on heating & cooling continue to the present.

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