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                         What is a

     "Geothermal" Heating & Cooling 


Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the Earth's ability to store vast amounts of heat or cooling from the Earth.  This includes soil, water, or air. "Geo" means Earth and "thermal" refers to heat.
Geothermal heating systems "capture" this steady supply of energy and "move" it from the Earth and through a home.

Bosch Water Source Heat Pump & Custom Made DuctingHow Geothermal Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump transfers heat or cooling from one source to another. Ground temperature usually stays a constant temperature year round. Since ground temperature is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, ground source heat pumps transfer the Earth's energy to heat and cool your house depending on what season.

Typical ground source heat pumps transfer heat using a network of tubes called "closed loops" which are filled with fluid. They run through the ground in the vicinity of a building and the liquid absorbs the Earth's heat or cooling energy. Then, this warmed or cooled liquid is pumped back through the system providing heat to the building. Once the fluid passes through this system and transfers its energy to the building, it flows through the loop system back to the Earth and the process repeats itself.

"Open loop" systems transfer heat or cooling from well water or a pond. This type of system is the most cost effective system if you have access to a water source.

During the summer, the ground source heat pump "reverses" into cooling mode to provide you with the most energy and cost efficient air conditioning comfort in every room of your house.

Saving Energy!

Ground source heat pumps can use 50% less electricity than conventional electric heating and cooling systems.

Ground source heat pumps are more energy efficient than conventional electric heating because they maximize the Earth's thermodynamic resources. This benefit enables the ground source heat pump to produce more heat energy output than electric energy input.

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